Carly's 1st Birthday Party

Peter and his little Birthday Girl!
Mama Angie and the Birthday Girl!
Was very impressed with the art work on the cupcakes. Nice work Angie.

Grandma getting a little love from Jack & Grace.
Grandma & Carly pretty in pink.
Me getting used to holding two at one time. Grace was not so happy when I was just holding Carly.
Grandpa getting in some QT with the Birthday Girl.

Carly was so clean when it came time for cake. She was just really into the green frog.
Jack was VERY excited for cake.
Carly was the princess for the day.
Family shot!
Carly's god father Josh giving the little girl some love

Grace is thinking how she can take this pink toy home with her.
Elton John is that you...
Grace never passes up an opportunity to eat a pink cupcake.

Great Birthday Party Peter & Angie. Carly we hope you have a fantastic year and that all your wishes come true.

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