The Mother of All Father's Day's

Gasworks Park!

The famous Voula's OffShore Cafe.
Father's Day Breakfast.
The dad's enjoying their first taste at the Father's Day Brew Fest.
Josh and Sleeper both with their father in-laws at the Brew fest.

Classic shot from Gasworks park.

Three hours later the dad's still doing some tasting and getting sun burned.
This is Grace's cute friend Hadely. She belongs to Ryan and Megan. Grace and Hadley had fun watching their dad's drink beer all day.
Ryan and Josh with their girls.
Megan, Josh and Ryan all enjoying themselves. Megan thought this was mother's day as well with all the beer around!

Mom and I were the DD's for the day.
It was the mother of all father's day for Josh and my dad. We started off enjoying breakfast at the famous Voula's in Seattle. This cafe was on the Food Network Diner's & Dive show. Then we hit up the Gasworks Park where we took in the sights and I reminisced of when I was in high school and we would go to keggers at the park.
Then is was off to the brew fest. Josh was like a little kid in a candy store with all the beer options around. We ran into some great friends and made the most of the day.


bill said...

it was the best of times, and it was the best of all times, what? still feeling the effects of the best Fathers Day I have had in long time, Thanks Nicole and Diane for getting behind the wheel and getting these two aBIG guys home, alive becuase I felt like death the next morning. We needed Papa and Inny to help with the suds, Next year we are there with KILTS ON, Baby !

val said...

It was fun to run into you guys! Grace is so cute and congrats on the upcoming little one!

Meg said...

No wonder the little bean was hitting you guys, she was exhausted! What a fun day for everybody. And you guys absolutely made our day by being at the brewfest. You're always so fun and easy to be around. And thank you for telling me your daughter hits too, I was getting close to ripping Hadley's arms off so hitting no longer be an option.